Information about Dent.Directory Services.

Phase One:
About Each Other
The Patient

You have an oral health problem and you need quality services at a reasonable price. You are available for travel and are open to discover new destinations so medical tourism is the perfect solution for you.

The Clinic

You offer premium quality services at affordable prices. Your team of specialized professionals is qualified to tackle procedures with maximum care and your facilities and patient care are great. We revise your request and list you on the website.

Phase Two:
The Solution
The patient

Once you have filled in the patient form you receive a customized offer in a matter of days. The offer includes packages from our partner clinics and describes in detail the services provided and the team. You chose the best alternative and book your appointment with the clinic.

The Clinic

Once you have received a request from us, you send a customized offer for the patient as soon as possible, you make sure you comply with all the particularities of the request. Once we communicate the patient’s decision to book an appointment with you, you are responsible for booking, payment and service delivery.

Phase Three:
And you're done

Once the appointment is confirmed the relationship between the patient and the clinic becomes private. The patient can now benefit from the personalized treatment plan.


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