About Us

About Us

Read more details about the Dent.Directory team and the concept behind the portal.

  • The Team

    We are a mixed team of medical and digital professionals. For over 20 years, part of the team has helped people make life easier with innovative medical treatment solutions, while the other side of the team is behind applications that make life easier and safer for the same people online. This is how Dent Directory, a Europe-funded portal, funded by European funds, wishes to become the main intermediary of medical tourism services. The portal will cover the entire range of medical services. But we started with the first — dentistry.

  • Medical Tourism

    With the emergence and evolution of the Internet, distances began to look smaller and smaller. From shopping made online to ride-sharing applications, connections between people, services, products or even countries have become smaller. In this context, Dent Directory brings patients and physicians closer so that patients have the best medical offers quickly and conveniently.

    The portal contains all the elements needed to set up a short trip where the most complex medical problems can be solved, at the highest quality and at the best prices in Europe.

    And another thing: you can settle with your insurance house, dental treatment done anywhere in Europe. Based on the documents issued by our partner clinics (medical records, radiographs, invoices, receipts, etc.), you can request total or partial settlement of dental treatments, according to the rules of your insurance house. Most insurance houses are imposing settlement ceilings. You can make more complex or wider treatment than in your country, by resorting to our system, only with the money provided by your insurance house. Look at your insurer and we are waiting for you!

  • How it Works?

    Everything is transparent and secure, and patients are permanently assisted throughout this journey, starting from the online application and ending with the recovery period for medical interventions.

    Once the patient sends a description of his problem online, the system automatically generates an account and asks for additional questions if necessary. Subsequently, he sends the application to the clinic and mediates the interaction between the two. Once the patient chooses the right offer, he or she can set up the trip in the smallest detail (transport, accommodation, translator, rent-a-car, sights etc.). To ensure a high degree of satisfaction, the patient will only pay 20% of the reservation treatment value, which will be secured via PayPal until the patient confirms that the treatment has been successfully completed.

    If you need help, we are at your disposal by phone and email. At the same time, if you have a suggestion, whether you are a patient or a clinic, we can hardly wait to meet you!